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Welcome to 
Multiphysics & Multiscale Modelling Group

in the School of Chemical Engineering at Chonnam National University


Our research interests lie in the areas of computational modelling of physical phenomena present in chemical, environmental and biological systems. We aim to predict the system behaviours and ultimately optimise the system to achieve specific objectives. In the general workflow of my research, fundamental theories and experimental/clinical findings serve to build a computational model via two main methodologies, “Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)” and “Process Systems Engineering (PSE)”. CFD-based modelling approaches are particularly beneficial when fluid flow and mass transfer phenomena in a complex domain need to be studied, e.g., rotating packed bed and stent-grafts. Also, PSE-based approaches have been mostly utilised for developing a tractable predictive model for an overall performance and treatment outcome. Both CFD and process models can be used for optimisation for device/plant design and operating conditions.

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